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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Zuccotti Park, Privately owned, what can the Police do, without breaking the law?

Zuccotti Park it privately owned and can control what it says to allow people to stay on the property or not. If the owner give permission to "the people" to stay and sleep on the land "peacefully" then they can, and the Police are not allowed to do anything about it.


  1. The police shouldn't be able to do illegal things, but it's never stopped them before :/

  2. Here is what is in the NYC Administrative Code Title 18 18-105 regarding the trees. There is NO mention whether anything may be tied to or leaned against a tree. The cops are just bluffing you guys.

    § 18–105 Trees under private or public ownership; care and cultivation. All trees in streets, which on investigation are found to be without ownership, shall be under the exclusive care and cultivation of the commissioner, and such commissioner shall employ the most improved methods for the protection and cultivation of the trees selected for preservation, and remove those condemned as unfit for cultivation. Trees found to be in the care of individual owners, corporations, societies, or associations, shall not be subject to the jurisdiction of the commissioner, unless the owners thereof make written application to the commissioner to have such trees transferred to his or her care. If the commissioner approves such transfer, he or she shall forthwith assume full control thereof and the former owner shall be relieved of all expense connected with the cultivation of such trees. In all cases where land-owners, societies or associations elect to plant and cultivate their own trees in streets, such planting and cultivation must conform to the rules and regulations adopted by the commissioner. The commissioner may, however, on the written application of any land-owner, plant and cultivate trees on the streets adjoining his or her land and charge for such service an amount not to exceed the actual cost to the department for labor and materials.