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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Airlines Pilots Occupy as well

Hundreds of Airline Pilots Occupy the streets, in solidarity to the occupation.

Wallstreet Protesters get the Postal Services Support!

This is some video when the protesters were talking to wallstreet but ran into the postal service and got their support in solidarity.

Anthony Bologna Police Officer that Pepper Sprayed Women for 0 Reason

The Police officers "personal" information and name were released by the group "Anonymous". It has been said this officer will be prosecuted for his un-lawful acts against peaceful protesting women. He pepper sprayed them with excessive force. 1 women was in critical condition "meaning" when the medics tried to treat her, anything the tried to help clear the pepper spray out just made it worse. Let's all hope he gets what he deserves.

Dr. Cornel West Ignites OWS in NYC

Dr. Cornel West shares his thoughts and "preaches" to the people.

Susan Sarandon shows up at wallstreet

Immortal Technique comes to share his view on Wallstreet

Check out this video I came across, a lot of arrest!

Some amazing footage that I have never seen. Must have been a personal-camera that was later uploaded.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

100 Police call in "sick"

What? Sick? No, they called in and said they are not going to work because they are part of the 99%! This is the blue collar Police. Here's proof!

Matt Taibii Coming to Wallstreet!

It was said that Matt will be coming to the Park more or less. Check out what he said on his blog for yourself!

Donate right to the NYC Zuccotti Park aka Liberty Plaza

Hey guys, we have been doing our best to get this working and so on. Giant credit to Archaeon, yes the old Livestream Chat Moderator. He's happy that he isn't anymore, he's getting allot more done as a backdoor operator.

Just follow the instructions!


Day 11 in NYC

It's day 11 down in wallstreet in NYC. The protest continues, we will not stop, we will not falter, and we will not perish! The 1% of rich people in this world are in for a big surprise. They will not last long after this goes on and spreads through the US and the rest of the World. WAKE UP AMERICA! THIS IS A REVOLUTION!

For any person that's down there on wall street that read this post, everyone online watching the feed and in the livestream chat, we all love you! Keep it up! I'm doing my best to do my part.

Michael Moore and Occupy Wallstreet NYC

Monday, September 26, 2011

Flux's video - repost for storage

Here's Flux's video. Re-uploading for safe keeping and for anyone to view.

Chris Hedges Interview

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Hey guys, here is the full interview of Chris Hedges. I did my best to keep him going with questions. He was a really nice guest to have for a live interview, enjoy!

Thanks Chris for doing the interview, I had a really fun time learning your thought's and ideas on everything.

Robert Stephens

This is a victual of the system at hand. His parents lost their house because of the system. He went off to school else where when his parents were kicked out of their house.

New supplies that are needed!

Calamine Lotion
Arm&Hammer Deodorant
Water bottle sports cap
Wound Closure strips
Butterfly Strips

Energizer Energy to go
Large, and Small

Checkout this new video I found, it's amazing and perfect for the movement.

Hey guys! Update on what I'm doing!

Well, hongpong got me some access to another blog. So, I'll be editing it, and this one. I will keep only legit links on both blogs. I'll try my best to keep you informed with anything new. It was said that this blog I am now controlling as well should bring allot of attention to the movement. I'll do what I can to keep you guys in the Mainstream Media as much as possible.

If you want to donate to me directly, look on this blog, white link on the side. (xaerux aka AeruAnonymous)

Shoutout to the 2 people that did donate to me so far :D

I love you all! And thank you for your support!

Almost forgot :O

Here's the other blog I'm working on!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New donation info!


GO TO, AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Enter this address into the space provided:

146 2 AVE NY,NY 10003.
NEXT, click on Village Farm Grocery.
Choose the items you would like to send, and add to cart.
Enter your payment information.
NEXT, enter the following into the DELIVERY section:

SUPPLIES and the Address

    Shipping Address:
    The UPS Store 
    Occupy Wallstreet 118 A Fulton Street #205 10038
2oz 4oz cups
Calcine Creme
Hydro Cortisone
Hydrogen Peroxide
Milk of Magnesia
Nut Free Candy Bars
Paper-Plastic Cups
Paper Towel's
Space Blankets
Spray Bottle's with water!
Surgical Mask
Swim Goggles 10 meter's
Tiger Bomb
Trash Bags
Water Bottle's
Zip Lock Bags

Umbrellas, Pancho's, Mosquito Repellent, Pillows, Cough Drops
     Send any food you want/can. Canned Vegetables and Fruit are a Plus.

New Pictures and Video

Check out this site, it has some pictures and videos.

Video linked by "globalrevolution"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

They finally got access to the $16,000! AMAZING

The team has finally gotten access to this money! This will help them in a huge way! They already have plenty of food, and don't even need to buy any, so hopefully this money will be used for everything else that's needed.

Police break the march into 2 groups!

The Police just made a line and broke the march into 2 with there bodies. It was really tence for a moment, and almost had people shoving the Police. That was their fault though, because they purposely inclosed the 1 group. This may have been to make the protesters to snap and attack, but they held peace.

The people trying to get our friends out of jail!

Here is a little clip of a group that marched to the Police station, so they can try to get the Police to let the arrested people out.

More people show!

 Over 1,000 people have arrived in NYC. Several groups and such are on their way there as well.

"Organized Labor is joining the movement. The President of the Professional Staff Congress, a union of 20,000 employees from the City University of New York just arrived and pledged solidarity to the movement."

As well as the Troy Protestors came to wallstreet to join the movement as well.

There were 6 more Arrest today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nude Protesters in the UK

Some topless protestors in the uk making a stand. There have also been reports that there were a few nude people, completely nude at NYC.

Colbert gets touchy on #Occupywallstreet

The Colbert Report has mentioned more/some about wallstreet. He didn't say too much, but atleast he brought it up some.

Tory Davis's fate has ended

Troy Davis has been prosecuted, and was murdered by the government today. May he go to what he believes, if it exist. Rest in peace Troy, plenty of people will miss you. And we will make sure to make some change through #operationwallstreet just for you!

How is everyone in NYC?

Well, some people have mattresses and such to make it more of a comfortable stay. Food is largely abundant.

We ask if you can make it down there, please come! (and bring supplies if you can!)

In other news, Police take down the projector screen. There reason was it was obstructing "view".

In other other "good" news, tent/tarps have been set up and not touched to keep things dry from the rain.


Mariel released!

Police have released Mariel from where ever she was being held. Now she can go home and get her medication and hopefully recover.

Check out this new video!

A little news video, some part of media is out. This is nothing to important and widely known, but at least they say something about it unlike everything else. They rather "watch the red carpet".

A girl age 17 named Mariel needs medical attention but Police say NO!

There is a girl that was arrested that needs her medicine. The Police will not even let the mother know where she is being held so she can bring her the medicine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Look for your states carpool and get your ass to new york city now!

The new donation link! Directly to the Media team!

Jam up Wallstreet

Follow the instructions here:

It's Legal to have Tents!

This man explains some about what is legal to do with tents and other information.

Numbers Grow!

Numbers grow as more people start showing up to the Zuccotti Park. Don't sit here and watch the livestream or the blog if you can be out there fighting for your rights! And your money!

Yahoo Censors the livestream and anything to do with #operationwallstreet

Yahoo is now blocking out the event as well. Looks like the government really doesn't want any news getting out at all!

Troy Davis set for Execution

Just a reminder--Troy Davis Denied Clemency---Execution set for September 21st---Plz Spam Chatham County's District Attorney's office ---Telephone: 912-652-7308 Fax: 912-652-7328.

Police try to end Food/Water Supplies

Police have been blocking food and water supplies that are being brought into the Park.


Stay informed and tune in!
This site has the livestream with the chat. This sit also has information on almost everything that is happening, or has happened. If you want to learn about what has happened, read everything.
Stay on the blog, not the livestream! The livestream gives you ads when you go to it directly!
And remember to refresh the blog every now and again. The owner of the blog is doing his best to keep everything updated!
“He’s a one man team”

Police Arrest 3 People on the 20'th in the Morning

Police Arrest 1 person from the Media team, and 2 other people.

Police go into the area after ripping down the tents. There were a few people that were just simply trying to talk to the Police in solidarity, then were arrested for just trying to have a conversation. 

Police are trying to Arrest the Media Team

It has been heard that the Police might be trying to come into the Park and try to Arrest the entire Media Team to get the livestream to stop.

7:30am Police Threaten to take Tents down.

Police threaten to take down the tents and signs 5 minutes from now. Hopefully I can get a picture or two if they do.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Profits go to #OpPizza

It's over 9,000!!!!

It's over 9,000! What 9,000!

That's right, we have collected over $9,000 now. The bad things is that I do not know who has access to the money so they can withdraw it and use it for food, gas, and batteries! TRY TO FIND OUT WHO'S ACCOUNT THIS IS, THAT'S $9,000!!!!

Hundreds gather for the Meeting

Hundreds or more gather around for the next meeting about to take place.

Wikileaks Truck pulled over by Police

Guessing that the WikiLeaks truck has been snooping around thinking that it is funny to mock the Anonymous group. Well, the Police pulled the truck over earlier today, it is unknown why.

Help the cause! Provide us with Supplies!

We are in need of Gasoline for the generator! Also, we need people to bring Dell 1525 Batteries! Look for Vlad or Flux if you do bring batteries!

Hell even bring a first aid kit, just in case someone does get hurt.

Interview of man that was Arrested

This man was Arrested for writing with chalk on the cement. He said he was released within an hour. He also said that the Police said it was a "bull shit charge". Yes, this blog is raw, to show you guys that it is real and not controlled. The Police said that they are part of the 99% as well, so it is good to know the Police are partially on our side!

Confirmed Arrest

There have been 7 confirmed arrest.

4 Arrest were for wearing Mask's. These people were wearing the Anonymous Mask's. It was said that they were not even on their faces, but pushed up on top of there head.

1 Arrest was for jumping a Police Barricade.

And the last 2 Arrest were for trying to enter the Bank of America Corporation.

Police have stolen the Gas for the Generator!

The Police in New York have taken the gas that was for the generator. They took it right from the Media team , located in Zuccotti Park.

Telemundo shows up in NYC

Telemundo shows up interviewing people today. In this picture a Spanish women is being interviewed.

For those who don't know about Telemundo it is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish

The 9'th Arrest!

Female Arrested for writing on the ground with Chalk.

Other Live Feed!

Tune into this feed as well to watch live!


It has been said now that 8 people have been arrested!



Twitter User - Says:
" September 17

2 arrests on Pine and Williams rt"

Police man hits camera mans camera!

This Police officer hit the camera while telling the camera man to move on.

Stay connected with the movement!

Day 1 on Wallstreet! See what went down.

Day 1 video that was mentioned over the live feed.

Greece's Live Feed! Check it out! Watch the world change together!

This live stream may also go down just like Global Revolution. But stay strong "people".

It's Monday 7:00am Eastern Live feed is back up! DAY 3

Live feed has been brought back up 7:05am. If you are at home, go down to wallstreet asap! 9:00am was set to be the charge to wallstreet!

Almost $8,000 guys!

Please do not donate anymore money after the $10,000 mark! Wait for some of the money to be spent first!

Listen in to the Radio Live!

Listen to the Revolution Radio! Talk about the movement in the chat as well, there is a link for Java and Flash!