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Saturday, September 17, 2011

#Operation Wallstreet

People all around the world are conducting Operation Occupy Wallstreet. You can take part and watch the live feed in New York City.

Right now "9:10pm Eastern Time" The people in NYC are trying to come up with a decision on what they are going to do. Either sleep in the Park, if aloud, or leave and re-join tomorrow. Allot of people are "Proposing" different decisions. There have been multiple votes, but no actions have been taken.

The owner of the Park will possibly let the people stay on the land and sleep, legally. This has not yet been completely decided weather they are aloud to stay or not.

The Government has put people undercover into the crowd who may start commotion and will "throw rocks and create a fuss". If this happens, the Police will probably then start beating people and arresting people.

I personally think that they should have some sort of group of control. This way they can collect donations to buy food and water for the people. As well as have some sort of device that can speak over everyone, rather then people jumbling words together as a group.

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  1. STAY!!! Do not leave! This is how Egypt grew. They had a media black out for the first 4-5 days...but, then because people stayed, first day a few hundred, a couple days later a few thousand, a week later 100,000 and two weeks later one million!!! STAY STAY STAY!!! This is how it is done!